Laugh your way through menopause with us


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Here’s your guide to well-researched menopause products where you can shop while you laugh. Menopause can loom as a large, problematic presence in your life or one that you find interesting, liberating, and occasionally funny. In any case, we want to share our experiences and solutions and to learn more about them from you, too! Too many women go through this alone and in the dark. Please join us, share your experiences, let us know what you are discovering during and after menopause. And don’t forget to laugh!

One Stop Menopause Shop - Where Hot Babes Go ShoppingOn our site you will find community, products, services, information and education related to menopause and menopausal symptoms. Helpful products are found inside of each post about your topic of concern. Since we are not members of the medical profession (even though our parents secretly hoped we’d be doctors!) we ask that you see our disclaimer. Please know that we have spent a lot of time researching the best possible products for you, for all of us.  And we did it while laughing with each other.