About Us Gal Pals

Once upon a time, when the economy had tanked, I asked everyone I met if they had any ideas for new businesses.  Bissie told me about her fantasy about creating a space where women who were having their periods could come and bleed on a big absorbent mat during their time of the month in the back of a storefront, with interesting menstrual supplies out on the front counter, kind of like the book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. Heck, the store could have been named The Red Tent!

But this is the 21st century and I doubt that women would have the time or the inclination to take the time off to menstruate. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, though?  A monthly respite?

So that idea didn’t exactly flush out…pun intended!

Then we realized that the products we had in mind to sell in a store were really more about menopause. Being over 50, this was on our minds at the time, and we realized that no one had a menopause store. Eureka! We were onto something.

When the giddiness wore off and reality set in we realized we didn’t want to be stuck in a retail store 10 hours a day. Taking the concept online seemed like a great idea. I invited another friend Catherine, to work with us because I knew we would all have a lot of fun together.  The three of us were off!  But where were we going? None of us had the web skills we needed so I asked my friend Anne what she would charge us to set up a website. She wanted in on the partnership!  So then we were four! We’re now all over the country but we Skype twice a week to work together to keep finding new products and information for those of you who are seeking it out.

We all believe strongly in community. We’ve all lived in Berkeley at one point which is a place where community is our way of life.  So we’re reaching out to you, wherever you may be, to build a stronger menopause community.

Want to get to know us better?   We’ve each written a bit about ourselves for you to read: Anne, our traveling internet guru; Catherine, our researcher and quilting maven; Elizabeth, our other researcher and organizer extraordinaire; and Lisa, our business consultant, writer and hoopla provider. Glad you found us!