Generation Y – You’re in Perimenopause, Not Egypt

Millennials! Grumpy, Sleepy With Irregular Periods? Might be Perimenopause! Does it seem like you are always grumpy these days? Can’t seem to get a good nights’ sleep? Perhaps your periods are becoming irregular: spotting mid-cycle one month and practically hemorrhaging … Continue reading

Excessive Hair Growth and Facial Hair in Women – A Sign of Menopause

Excessive Hair Growth and Facial Hair in Women is a Sign of Menopause If you’ve been shaving those mutton chops off your cheeks, listen up. Unwanted, unsightly and downright embarrassing, excessive hair growth and facial hair in women is a common sign of … Continue reading

Causes of Female Hair Loss after Menopause

Losing Your Hair or Just Your Head? Have you noticed that the color of the bird nest outside your bedroom window looks vaguely familiar? Are helpful strangers in line at the grocery store pulling strands of hair off the back of … Continue reading

Chinese Medicine – Natural Remedies For Menopause


Chinese Medicine and Menopause — It’s Natural While western medicine treats menopause and its symptoms like a disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers menopause a natural transition in life and therefore there’s nothing really terribly wrong. Although this may alleviate your … Continue reading

Menopausal Depression

The Bluebird of Happiness, long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression. — Gary Larsen There are days when our menopausal depression ‘chickens’ have come home to roost and all we want is for them … Continue reading