Bamboo Sheets For A Better Sleep

Tossing and Turning All Night?

If you are suffering from sleep deprivation like a lot of menopausal women, one big tip concerns your choice of bedding. Get rid of that straw bed! And buy some great bamboo sheets for a better sleep.

Bamboo Sheets Naturally Cool

Bamboo sheets are a natural, cooling material and have a moisture-wicking property that is three or four times more absorbent than cotton. By regulating your body heat, you won’t be left in a wet puddle after a hot flash or start sweating as you would if you were sleeping under polyester sheets.

Soft and light, wash with cool water and dry on a low heat

Although I have never had the opportunity to sleep on them myself, online reviews mention over and over how soft and light they are. Also, how they clean well using cool water and low dryer settings.

More Choices for Bamboo Sheets

Amazon has some less expensive choices with a larger color selection. Here are a couple you can check out for yourself.

Bamboo Fibers Contain an Antibacterial Agent Called Kunh

Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-microbial. Bamboo textiles contain an agent, bamboo kunh, and this agent is said to prevent bacteria from cultivating. It is one of the best fibers known to the bedding world for people who suffer from allergies like mold or dust mites.

Be a Good Citizen of the Planet by Using Bamboo Sheets

Photo credit: Steve Webel via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Steve Webel via Photopin

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and it’s a very ecological use of the earth’s resources. Bamboo generates much more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees. So if we planted more bamboo, more photosynthesis would help to cut the globally rising levels of carbon dioxide.

Go To Bed Green

Putting bamboo sheets on your bed will not only stop your tossing and turning all night, lying in your own puddle of sweat, or sneezing from mold and mites, but you’ll get a medal for being a Good Citizen of the Planet!