What Can a Woman do About Unwanted Facial Hair? A Lot!

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No Uni-Brows Allowed

Frida did nothing, obviously. And Diego must have thought she looked hot. But today’s modern woman might want to consider a more refined look.

What Can You do About Your Unwanted Facial Hair? Read on.

After reading our last post about the sudden and unsightly appearance of unwanted and excessive hair during menopause, especially facial hair, you’re probably wondering what you can do about it.

Tips to Tame Your Brows

HFPhoto carol lombardLet’s start at the top by learning how to tame those eyebrows without ending up looking like Carol Lombard.

Careful! Not Too Skinny, High or Wide-Apart

Nothing looks stranger than eyebrows that are too skinny, high, or wide apart. Finding the correct shape and thickness of your brows for your face shape will enhance your natural beauty and create a sharper, more sophisticated and youthful look.

Lucky For us we Can Keep ’em Natural

If you page through any current magazine, you’ll notice very natural and full looking brows. Lucky for us we don’t have to go to any fashion extremes to look sharp and fresh.

Get The Shape of Your Brow Right – Go to a Pro

First go to an expert to shape your eyebrows so they are just right. Then you can continue to trim and pluck with that shape as a base.

Tweeze The First Time

Find a beautician with a great reputation who tweezes rather than waxes for that first session.

Tweezers are more precise and maintain more control over the shaping process. Waxing can easily take off more than you mean to take off and you can’t undo a mistake like that. Buzz-cut eyebrows – the new fashion statement?

Learn How to Maintain Your Eyebrows

Here’s a step-by-step video with clear instructions on how to shape your own brows to best fit and highlight your face.

Perfect Products For Beautiful Eyebrows

So we went on the hunt to find all the best eyebrow-care tools you’ll need, similar to those seen in the video…

Invest in The Best Tweezers

There is nothing more frustrating than a lousy pair of tweezers. Really! Buy yourself the best tweezers you can find on the market. They are more accurate, longer lasting (they don’t lose their spring), easier on the hands (no cramps), and worth every penny.

Warning. Warning

Make sure you hide your tweezers because they sure come in handy as a screwdriver when a borrower can’t find that $100 chef’s knife or your treasured silver baby spoon.

Tweezer Protection

Just get a small screwdriver for yourself and keep it next to your precious new tweezers as a handy decoy. If you get one in a leopard print, it’ll look great and won’t get lost in the tool drawer. And the borrowers might be less inclined to borrow your dandy tweezers.

Eyebrow Scissors For Klutzes

These blunt-tipped eyebrow scissors will prevent you from stabbing yourself in your eye. Also good for ear and nose hair, but that’s our next post. Starting to feel faint…

Eyebrow Grooming Set

This brow shaping scissor and brush set, again from Tweezerman (who seem to get the highest ratings for their eyebrow grooming tools) is the bomb! The comb is necessary to brush those long strays up so you can cut them off.

Gray Eyebrow Hairs – Don’t Pluck Yourself Bald!

You will be tempted to pluck out all of your gray eyebrow hairs. When there are only a few it’s O.K.. But eventually you are going to have to stop yourself. If you pluck the same hair over and over, eventually it will not  grow back. You don’t want to look like this poor birdy, do you?

Solutions For Those Graying Brows: Tint, Pencil-in and Color

Fortunately there are now lovely eyebrow dyes and eyebrow pencils to cover that gray.

One Color Fits All Eyebrow Pencil

Here’s is a one-color-fits-all taupe eyebrow pencil to darken those gray hairs instead of plucking them, and to define any areas that have thinned or to fill in areas where you may have overdone it.

Eyebrow Tinting 

This highly rated eyebrow tinting kit comes with everything you need to do the job. Make sure you read the directions. You’ll need Vaseline to keep the dye off of your face.


Eyebrow Mascara

And here’s a good approach if you have enough eyebrow hair. Just color your eyebrows with a brush in the same way you put on mascara. This does not add an obvious buildup of product on your brows — just color — and it comes in four shades to match your natural color.


Magnifying Mirrors

Don’t forget to get a really good magnifying mirror for your bathroom or dressing table. No longer will you have to squeeze your hand mirror between your knees while you pluck. Try this freestanding magnifying mirror from Conair.

Pluck On The Go

Need to pluck on the go? Grab one of these for your purse  –  waaaay better than your rear-view mirror. Please, don’t drive and pluck.

Eyebrow Waxing – Maintaining Your New Eyebrows

Now that you’ve been to a pro and found the eyebrow shape right for you, you can keep up that shape using wax.


Make sure you have some non-talc based baby powder (some say talc may cause cancer) to rub on before you wax. This prevents your skin from tearing when you pull the wax off.

Cool Your Brow When It’s Over

Also, you might want to put some ice on your brows after a waxing to prevent any redness, especially if you are going out somewhere special that night.

Facial Hair Waxing Kit

We like this waxing kit for eyebrows, face and lips. It comes with everything you need to do it yourself. Includes mini-tweezers (still get yourself those good ones though), and even some benzocaine to cool down any inflammation.

These are the muslin strips similar to those used in the video above to remove wax. It doesn’t seem this waxing kit includes these and we think you might need them.

Mama Mia! Mustaches, Beards and More Oh No!

This waxing set can be used anywhere on your face, and for that matter, anywhere on your body.

But we’ll talk more about this in our future post called Mama Mia! A Mustache! While you wait, get yourself to a beauty salon and begin your new regimen starting now! Until then, just keep on plucking! And keep it natural.

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