ColdFront Personal Cooling System for Hot Flashes

I recently took a trip to the East Coast and almost didn’t purchase my ticket because they were having such a bad heat wave there. Hot flashes are bad enough but also being extremely heat intolerant was the deal-breaker for me. And then Cat gave me a review sample of the ColdFront Personal Cooling System. I took one look at it and knew I could hit ‘purchase’ on the airline’s ticket site.

This cold pack saved my butt. I could put the whole thing in the freezer over night and then carry it around in my purse in its simple black carrying case. Walking around Brooklyn in 95 degree weather was a snap!  I could pull out the two small icy packs that fit in the palm of my hand and without anyone knowing what I was doing, slip them into my bra, press them against my neck, even sit on them if I needed to. Ahhhhhhh, relief.

My hot flashes bother me mainly at night so, in all honesty, I didn’t use them for that.  I could have though, because the main ice pack stays cold for 12 hours and conveniently re-freezes the smaller packs without using the fridge, but I needed it more in the daytime during the heat wave. As the weather cooled, I discovered that I could also pop them into my gin and tonic. You can use it for relief from hot flashes and night sweats but this personal cooling device also did double duty in reducing my swollen eyes in the morning. Makes menopause fun! So whether you need this for hot flashes, hot temperatures, or your drinking problem, I think it’s fantastic. Let us know all the uses you can think of for the ColdFront Personal Cooling System, too….. Coldfront components - what's in the bag Update on this product in May 2013: ColdFront was just featured on The Doctors on CBS.

3 thoughts on “ColdFront Personal Cooling System for Hot Flashes

  1. I understand how important it is to have something cold in your hands when the heat comes on. Like you Lisa, my sweats come on at night!

    I have this wrought iron bed I sleep in, and the iron is cold, so I roll my big sweaty self over, grab on to the cold iron and it chills me right out again.

    Some of you younger women have no idea what it means to be hot for no apparent reason, and need to be cold instantly! Rip your clothes off and stand naked in the open door of a refrigerator..Please! I’m not crazy I’m HOT!

    But I love the idea of having the little portables to chill you out on the go.
    Brilliant!!~ I love this whole idea something finally for Us “Hot Mama’s”

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