Did that blue water in our brook cause my early onset menopause?

I grew up with a babbling brook running along the edge of our idyllic quarter acre of land in New Jersey.  I used to catch crayfish or sit on the banks among the skunk weed writing indulgent teen poetry.  Across the field was Route 22, one of the busiest roadways in the country.  And on Route 22 was Lockheed.  One summer day, my mom noticed that the brook was running a bright blue!  She scooped up a sample in a glass mason jar and stomped on down to City Hall where she was told, “Just shut up and go home, lady.”  She did, but I’m surprised that she succumbed so easily.  I guess she felt that she couldn’t compete with Lockheed which was probably dumping the chemical into our brook.  I have to wonder, years later, and after hearing about this study on PFCs, if my early onset menopause at 36 was due to that babbling blue brook.