Don’t Sweat it – Oversized Scarf for Winter Flashes

Menopause in the Winter

iceberg-in-davis-straitFirst you are hot and sweaty. Next you are shivering and chilled. Then hot yet again. Oh joy to the world, It’s menopause in the winter.

And in the cold of winter when your neck gets sweaty from a hot flash and then suddenly cools, it can make your whole body feel like you’ve spent the night on an iceberg.

Sweaty-Neck Syndrome (SNS) Solution

We’ve found that the best way to gracefully control this “sweaty-neck syndrome (SNS)” is to wear a scarf you can easily pull off and on as your inner thermostat goes up and down.

Why We Love This Scarf

This 100% Cashmere Travel Wrap by White and Warren is one of our favorites — and we are speaking from experience.

Cashmere Travel Scarf Moss

Cashmere Travel Scarf Cloud Heather

Cashmere Travel Scarf Toast

Cashmere Travel Scarf black




Received last year as a gift, this wrap became a blanket, a sofa throw and a perfect travel companion (you can cover yourself from head to toe and it doesn’t talk to you.)

But it’s best use is as a scarf – unbelievably soft, non-irritating or itchy, with natural cashmere that surrounds your neck in beautiful colors and makes you feel scrumptious, decadent..and the perfect temperature!

Buy One For Yourself and Give One as a Gift

Buy one for yourself first, then if you can, splurge again for someone you really, really love. Not cheap yet maybe one of the best gifts you could give a person, especially a woman in menopause.