Generation Y – You’re in Perimenopause, Not Egypt

Millennials! Grumpy, Sleepy With Irregular Periods? Might be Perimenopause!

fascinatingmugshotsofwomenprisoners1920saustralia13-1Does it seem like you are always grumpy these days?

Can’t seem to get a good nights’ sleep?

Perhaps your periods are becoming irregular: spotting mid-cycle one month and practically hemorrhaging during the next.

Early Symptoms of Perimenopause

Don’t go doing something you’d regret (see above).

We know you don’t want to hear this, but you could be experiencing the early symptoms of perimenopause.

Yes, YOU are in Perimenopause!

You are probably saying to yourself “not me” or “she’s talking about those other women.” But we tell you this because you need this knowledge to plan for your future, especially if you are planning on having children. There is a direct correlation between fertility issues and aging.

Generation Y, Gen Ys, Millennials, Baby Boomer’s babies….Admit It!

If you were born anywhere between the years 1976 and 2002 (depending on whose statistics you believe and what country you are from) you are a “Millennial” or “Generation Y”-er. There are 76 million of you. A Baby Boomers’s baby, you are not that different from your parents.

You Are Normal – 36 is The Average Age to Begin Perimenopause

You are not old. You are not infertile. You are normal. The average age to begin the menopausal process is 36.

You are the right age to be beginning the menopause process. In fact, you’ve probably already experienced a menopause symptom or two without even knowing it.

Millennials Are Prone to Early Menopause

That’s correct. You are prone to early menopause. Why? There’s more than one reason.

What Causes Early Menopause in Millennials?

Depressed & Stressed

And did you know that depression can be caused by too much stress? Or that stress can cause the early onset of menopause? Since most of you have careers, more than likely you have more stress than past generations.

Chemical Exposure – Make-up, Hair Spray, Plastic Packaging & Nail Polish

Dr Natalia Grindler, from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, concluded that chemicals called phthalates in make-up (especially hair spray) and plastic packaging are causing women to go into menopause on an average of 2 1/2 years earlier than normal (51-52 in America). Read more here.

Want Babies & Having Symptoms? Hurry Up!

red flagAll this means is that your hormones are just beginning to fluctuate up and down. It’s a red flag waving to get your attention saying ‘Hurry Up!’.

Read up on all the possible menopausal symptoms that you could be experiencing. And our post called What is Perimenopause? might be helpful as well.

Symptoms Are Proof Enough

We don’t recommend testing your fsh levels for perimenopause though go ahead if you need scientific proof. The tests are not reliable. If you are having symptoms, have had your yearly check-up and all is well, and you are around 36 years of age give or take a few years, then you can pretty much assume you are in perimenopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Recommended For Early Menopause

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is recommended by many in the medical community for those who begin menopause early. Whether you choose natural hormone replacement (which we recommend) or the more traditional HRT, both will delay many health issues associated with menopause such as loss of bone density, heart problems, and a lot of other aging issues. Use HRT until the normal time of menopause, which is 52 in the US, and then stop.

HRT Does Not Delay Loss of Fertility

HRT only delays menopause. As soon as you stop taking HRT, you will go into menopause along with all the symptoms.

Fat lady singingIt’s Not Over ‘Till The Fat Lady Sings!

You can still get pregnant ONE FULL YEAR after your last period.

Just because you are having menopause symptoms doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. You can only stop worrying and taking precautions one full year after your last period.

Generation Y Characteristics

And check out this blog called The Wise Geek where you’ll get more information about your work habits and interests in the post titled What is Generation Y. And more on your particular characteristics can be found in this article Generation Y Characteristics by Ryan Gibson.


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