Got Hot Boobs?

Menopause has messed with my thermostat. Not just hot flashes, but a constant underlying heat.  Especially underlying my breasts which are growing larger each year. I’ve got to air the poor things out once in a while.  Breast changes in menopause are no small thing.

I find myself folding them over my forearms, lifting them up, and airing them out (in private, of course!).  It’s so hot under there!  If I needed a tropical vacation, I could spread a bit of sand on my skin and pretend I’m in Hawaii.

I could get two of those nerd beanies with the whirly-gig on the top, glue them onto my breasts and walk fast.

Or slip a couple of the Cold Front packets into my bra so I really do get a cold front. But ouch!  Brrrrr…..then I’ve got stiff nipple problems.

But I suppose the built-in menopausal remedy is memory loss to make me forget all about of this in just one short minute.