Hand Fans for Hot Heads

Flash! Hand Fans are the Best Solution for Hot Flashes

Rather than sit through one more dinner or meeting or movie with the sweat running down your neck, get a few hand fans for hot heads. Immediate, inexpensive, and in your hand in a flash! Keep one in your purse, your desk drawer, or next to your bed. Cool off almost any time — they’re better than a tropical breeze. (Where did that breeze come from in the middle of the night?)

These unadorned, dainty silk hand fans with delicate wood panels are covered with gauzy silk for a noiseless, gentle and soothing breeze. Each fan measures 8.25″ in length when closed and 15″ opened. Available in white, pink and blue. This sandlewood fan smells lovely as the air moves through its ornamental cutouts. You can even get a personalized fan! (There is a minimum of 20 for customizing. They’re so inexpensive you can give a fan with your name on it instead of a business card and they’ll never forget you.)

These silk fans are made with natural bamboo in your choice of four colors: blue, hot pink, light pink, or white.  Rather than putting your name on there you could put any one of these sayings: Hot Mama; Queen Bee; Personal Summer…use that imagination. Leave one on each chair for your friends at your next book club meeting!

So the next time you start to feel that trickle of sweat, or your face getting red, don’t panic.  Get out your beautiful fan that you purchased here, cool yourself down, or even demurely hide behind it.  Asian and Spanish women did for years….maybe they were onto something.