Hormone Graduation Day

After almost 20 years, I am now off of my hormones!  Whoo Hoo! Hey, I’m not that old – I started hormone replacement therapy really young because having a kid in my mid-thirties threw me into early menopause.

Hot flashes strike only about 2-3x a night and a couple in the morning.  I think I can handle it.   The worst is getting up in the morning and it seems like I’ve had the heater on all night which, of course, I haven’t because I am one green consumer.  After a half an hour and one cup of coffee, I’m freezing.  Can’t win!

Yesterday, I chewed my husband’s head off.  Then I realized I’m off the patch.  Mucho apologies went out of my mouth and my heart.  Poor guy.  He’s such a sweetie – didn’t deserve the hot flash coming out of my mouth.

Hope there’s a solution somewhere on this site for me!