Hot Girls Pearls

 Hot Girls Pearls – The Newest Natural Hot Flash Remedy

Who knew hot flash relief could look this good? All of us at OSMS love these large, stylish Hot Girls Pearls. Filled with a nontoxic and freezable gel, chill them before you need them then put them in their optional carrying purse and off you go. Put them on when that hot flash strikes. Or before a big meeting. Or at your 50th birthday party. Arctic cooling around your neck. Ahhh!

  • 18″ strand of cooling Pearls
  • Strong magnetic clasp
  • Great for menopausal hot flashes, pregnancy and general overheating
  • Each pearl contains a non-toxic freezeable gel that keeps you cool for a long time
  • Optional insulated travel purse for instant cooling anywhere

Make a fashion statement with this stylish strand of Hot Girls Pearls and stay cool at the same time.