Miracle of Menopause Coaching Program by Dr. Eve Agee

Dr. Eve Agee

Dr. Eve Agee

The Miracle of Menopause Coaching Program has sessions  throughout the year. These telecourses are taught by Dr. Eve Agee, a global leading authority on menopause and women’s empowerment. Here’s what she has to say:

The Miracle of Menopause Coaching Program will combine transformational coaching with profound traditional wisdom from around the globe and will help you step into your feminine power and connect with your intuition, creativity and radiance. You will learn the essential feminine principles that will help you have more energy in your life during menopause and beyond.

Dr. Eve Agee is also offering a Transform Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification Program. This comprehensive eight-month training program combines cutting edge coaching techniques in combination with powerful ancient healing traditions to provide you with excellent coach certification training and a thriving new income stream. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn an innovative coaching program that will enable you to create a lucrative and fulfilling coaching business as well as those who would love to master profound transformational processes to use in your own life and with your families to create the life of your dreams.

Eve has researched menopause around the world for over 25 years and will teach you life-changing processes for shifting your mindset that will reduce stress and support you in building the life you love.  You will also master the top three practices that will enable you to develop a fantastic relationship with your body so you can tap into your body’s knowledge to create more ease, love, and wellness. The class will teach powerful energy techniques to help women uncover and identify limiting core beliefs about menopause, femininity and aging and create a more empowered identity and greater confidence as a woman.

There will be biweekly live 75-90 minute teleclasses taught by Eve and an additional monthly live group coaching and Q & A class. This will allow plenty of time for interaction and questions where participants can deepen their understanding of these processes. It will be a really rich experience for anyone who enrolls. There will also be bonus classes with top menopause experts focusing on sexuality, heart health and natural beauty. The classes will also be recorded and available to participants via MP3.

The investment for the program is $1597 for the early bird pricing, plus a $150 coupon will be available for 10 days during the sign up period bringing the total early bird investment to $1,447 instead of $1800 full payment.

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Uterine Health CompanionThe Uterine Health Companion Book–just in case your uterus doesn’t have any friends

Dr Agee has written a very informative and well researched book, The Uterine Health Companion, winner of the 2011 International Book Awards for Women’s Health. This is a guide for all ages, not just menopausal women. This book is a good way to get acquainted with Dr. Agee’s positive approach to women’s health and menopause.