No Sweat Gifts for Men

Let’s face it, it’s hard for us to shop for men. Our female brains just can’t comprehend giving someone a wrench set for a present. And you are already sweating from hot flashes and don’t need the additional stress. So resist that urge to buy him another holiday sweater. Buy one for your dog – they won’t care. And let us help you figure out some fun gifts for the men in your life. Just scroll on down the page.

For the Guy at the Office

A young guy turned us on to this company in San Francisco. All of their designs are wonderful – from a rolling computer holder/briefcase to this handsome laptop messenger bag. Now all I need is the plane ticket to go to SF to get one – oh, wait, I can buy the bag here!

Here’s one of the best stocking stuffers – a computer port extender.  This little guy gives you four extra places to plug into your computer without having to mess with stuff in the back.  He just sits on your desk waiting to help.

For the Airheads

You can rename your guy Studly once he puts on this leather bomber jacket, nevertheless, one that makes him think he can fly a plane!  But then you would have to buy him the remote control toy below to fulfill that fantasy!

This is THE TOY for the guys.  Buy a few of them, make sure they take them outside away from trees, and watch them turn into boys for a couple of hours.

Things for the Grease Monkey

What guy wouldn’t want this to keep his butt cozy and warm with these sheepskin seat warmers?  Well, maybe not if you live in the deep south, but anywhere else, these will make him drool.

One of the grossest things is the smell of a musty sponge in the kitchen or workroom. The Spongester keeps his sponges from cross-contaminating each other.  Now, if they had one for his socks…

For the Coffee or Tea Drinker

This is possibly one of the best desk accessories ever.  Your ceramic mug sits on it and it keeps your hot drink just the right temperature all day long.

And if your guy likes to travel, here’s a way to make great coffee in a hotel room or camping.

Lazy Man’s Life

He can hang this chair from a tree, in the den, or God forbid, in the living room. But it will make him extremely happy.  Just add beer.

Once in the hanging chair, the hours fly by when he fires up this Kindle to watch movies and TV, read email, play games – anything besides doing the dishes or mowing the lawn.

Got a Caveman?

What guy doesn’t like to sit around a fire telling tall tales? Just make sure he does it outside and not in the den!

No man should be without a classic French Opinel. You could get him to peel your apples when you go on your next picnic. This one has a beautiful olivewood handle but for a younger look, it now comes in a rainbow of colors.  He can carry it in his pocket at all times — except when getting on a plane!

Snappy Dresser?

Everywhere you look, you’ll see men sporting a fashionable preppy look again. This time around, the cuts have an edginess that brings that conservative look into the 21st modern century.

Some guys can carry this look off with ease. Winston Churchill, Groucho Marx, Manolo Blahnik (shoe designer) to name a few. The new bow tie wearer sports fun patterns and colors that reflect their mood, interests or alma mater. BeauTies Ltd has a huge choice of bow ties for all occasions and holidays.

Ties are one of those easy gifts for a guy but those old wide ties are really out. Keep him up to date with a skinny tie. Remember that move of pulling him into the bedroom with it?

For the Not So Snappy Dresser

Cozy warm and easy to wear every day, this jean jacket and painter’s pants are reviving from the 60’s and 70’s. And don’t miss the cool blue jean shirts.



dog & fireplaceDon’t Sweat It — Finish Your Holiday Shopping at Home

Skip nasty traffic, finding a parking space, and the long lines in the mall. We want your holiday to be really stress-free and sweat-free. We hope we’ve made it easy for you to finish up your shopping right here, right now. Cheers!