Pilates for Menopause Weight Loss and a Six Pack!

Pilates for Weight Loss and a Six Pack!

If you’re struggling with weight gain and menopause, if your middle-aged spread isn’t just the cream cheese in your fridge, if your belly fat makes it so you can’t tell what color shoes you put on this morning, then you’ve picked the winner behind door #2!

The Stott Pilates Reformer For A Flat Stomach and Healthy Future

This Stott Pilates Reformer was recommended by my Pilates instructor to help with my core — the area around my stomach — not in my apple. It is the only piece of exercise equipment that actually made my stomach flat. I had a six pack at age 50! I was ready to go out and lay on muscle beach in a bikini. OK, not quite, but I did think about it!

Another big plus is that it also helps with urinary incontinence by strengthening the muscles in your vaginal canal. (Why does this make me think of Venice?)

Seem expensive?

Price out a Pilates class sometime, if you want to see expensive. I bought a cheaper version by another company and have regretted it ever since. Do, please, get the ‘How-to’ video to learn how to safely use the Pilates Reformer. Pay the big bucks and take several classes to learn how to use it correctly.  You don’t want the only six pack in your house to be in your fridge.