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Early Menopause / Late Menopause

Having a late baby causes early menopause?
Early Menopause…Who? Me?

Hormone Therapy

Hot Flashes: What Works, What Doesn’t

Hot Flashes

How Long Will My Hot Flashes Last?
Body Cooling Vests For Women Help Hot Flashes
Hot Girls Pearls
Chinese Herbs For Menopause – Natural Remedies That Work!
Hand Fans for Hot Heads
Hot Flash Remedies and Solutions
Black Cohosh for Hot Flashes
Meditation as a Natural Remedy for Hot Flashes
Pure Krill Oil for Hot Flashes
Yam Cream: OK for Popeye, not Hot Flashes
Paced Breathing Meditation as Hot Flash Remedy
Glass Carafe Sets are Pretty Hot Flash Remedies
Hot Flashes


Disney animated “The Story Of Menstruation” film
What if Your Body Isn’t a Problem?
Chinese Herbs For Menopause – Natural Remedies That Work!
Menopause Test? Don’t Bother
Miracle of Menopause Coaching Program by Dr. Eve Agee
Hot Flash Mob – The Menopause Mambo!
Funniest Book Review Ever
What is Menopause, Exactly?
What is Surgical Menopause?
Sex after Menopause
Occupy Something – We did!
Did that blue water in our brook cause my early onset menopause?
Hormone Graduation Day

Menopause & World Culture

Menopause: Too Taboo for Walmart
Menopause and Culture: Brazil

Menopause Products

Menopause Gifts – Holiday Shopping for Hot Flashers
Don’t Sweat it – Oversized Scarf for Winter Flashes
UGG Boots – The Best Winter Boots
Prevent and Cure Hair Loss in Women
Moisture Wicking Sleepwear For Night Sweats
Bamboo Sheets For A Better Sleep
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Menopausal Hot Babes
Flax Seeds for Menopause
Vibrating Exercise Machines
Chinese Herbs For Menopause – Natural Remedies That Work!
Mother’s Day Gifts for Menopausal Moms
Silk Fabrics for Menopausal Women
Pilates for Menopause Weight Loss and a Six Pack!
Moleskin for Sore Feet Relief
Hot to Shop for Menopause Products
What’s a Girl to do about Night Sweats
Menopause Book: The Uterine Health Companion by Dr. Eve Agee
Chillow Review: A Cool Pillow for Hot Flashes
ColdFront Personal Cooling System for Hot Flashes
Menopause and Memory Loss

Menopause Symptoms

Thyroid and Menopause
Menopause and Dry Eye Syndrome
What Can a Woman do About Unwanted Facial Hair? A Lot!
Excessive Hair Growth and Facial Hair in Women – A Sign of Menopause
Prevent and Cure Hair Loss in Women
Causes of Female Hair Loss after Menopause
Menopausal Depression
Gas and Flatulence are Symptoms of Menopause
A List of Menopause Symptoms
Menopause and Water Retention
Menopause and Weight Gain in your Belly
What are Night Sweats in Women?
Got Hot Boobs?
Personal Lubricants for Women – Juicy Info
Peri, Post, and Menopausal Symptoms
Menopause and Periods
Vaginal Dryness and Menopause
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding is Not a Disease!
Fatigue and Menopause
Have I Hit Menopause?

Natural Menopause Remedies

Chinese Medicine – Natural Remedies For Menopause
A List of Beneficial Herbs For Menopause
Chasteberry (Vitex) – The Queen of Herbs for Menopause
Chinese Herbs For Menopause – Natural Remedies That Work!
Extracts & Tinctures & Teas, Oh My!
Red Clover For Menopause or Your Garden
Dandelion Tea – A Natural Remedy for Symptoms of Menopause
Best Ways to Lose That Menopausal Weight Gain
Turmeric for Menopause Symptoms or How to Look Like Big Bird
Acupuncture for Menopause – Get Relief for Hot Flashes!
Research on Acupuncture for Menopause Hot Flashes
Urinary Incontinence in Women
Remedy for Insomnia: Hyland’s Homeopathic Nerve Tonic
Melatonin: A Natural Menopause Remedy for Insomnia


Generation Y – You’re in Perimenopause, Not Egypt
What is Perimenopause?


You are Spotting or Bleeding After Menopause? Not OK
To Dye or Not to Dye? That is the Gray Hair Question
What is Postmenopause?
Your Sex Drive After Menopause

The Male Menopause

No Sweat Gifts for Men
Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss Prevention? No!
Male Menopause


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