Hot Flashes: What Works, What Doesn’t

 MDs Discuss New Solutions For Hot Flashes One of our readers sent us this video about hot flashes. We thought we should share it with you since it appears to have extremely credentialed individuals discussing new solutions for women using HRT … Continue reading

Personal Lubricants For Women – Juicy Products

Water-Based Organic Personal Lubricants From Good Vibrations Good Vibrations opened in 1977 in Berkeley, California, my old back yard. They raised quite a few eyebrows when they started offering women a place where they felt comfortable buying vibrators and personal lubricants. … Continue reading

Have I Hit Menopause?

Have I hit menopause? Good question…not being medical authorities, the answer to this question is determined by how cranky we feel each morning. The authorities would probably agree with our definition but they would define it as the ceasing of … Continue reading