UGG Boots – The Best Winter Boots

We Want to Keep You Happy During Menopause – the best winter boots can help.

Even though UGG boots don’t have a thing to do with menopause, we think UGG Boots are the best boots for winter. And we want to keep you happy during your menopause process.

We’re in Love with UGG Boots

While you probably will still want to keep your upper body cool, even in the cooler months, you’ll also want to keep your toes warm.

We couldn’t resist offering you our favorite winter boot for women….UGGs Boots!

So Warm!

I come from a surfing family where UGG boots were always a staple in our closets. First designed for after surfing, we soon found out they were even better for the snow and cold. Lined throughout with natural, snuggy sheep skin, they stay surprisingly warm even when they get wet. You just dry them out over night and you are good to go.

A Perfect Fit

Buy them a size smaller than your normal shoe size. UGGs will expand and adjust around your foot for a perfect fit. And never wear socks. It’s your bare foot next to the sheep skin that keeps you warm.

Now Every Color in the Rainbow



In the 1960’s, when UGGs first made it into the USA from Australia, all you could get was the natural brown suede. Now you can choose practically any color of the rainbow.

UGGs Last for Years

Comfortable, stylish and very well designed and crafted, UGG Boots have a good, non-slip tread to keep you on your feet. They last for years too.

Keep Your UGGs Looking Good

You might want to consider this stain repellent made just for your UGG boots. Your UGGs will get stained, especially by the salt put out to melt the snow. It leaves a weird white line. And because UGGS are not cheap, we suggest you go the whole way and get the sheepskin care kit made by UGG. Take care of your UGG boots and they’ll keep your feet happy for a long time.