Vibrating Exercise Machines

Good Vibration Machines Help

There’s a product out there for getting better results from your exercise workout — in our book any exercise would be better exercise!  It’s a vibrating exercise machine that you stand on which vibrates while you move and groove. It was developed for astronauts to prevent muscle and bone loss while in space. Supposedly exercising on a vibrating machine creates a whole bunch of great things like increased blood flow, improved muscle strength, flexibility and so on (see below.)

Vibrating Machines Help With Some Menopause Symptoms

The big boon for menopausal women is that it is supposed to increase bone density, helps with fibromyalgia, relieves aches and pains of menopause, reverses incontinence and increases your sense of humor. It’s really fun to do. You could also practice your opera singing…such vibrato!

Research and Personal Testimonies Say Vibrating Machines Do Much More

  • Increases blood flow
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Improves balance
  • Better flexibility
  • Increases bone density and Inhibits bone loss
  • A pain reliever – good for fibromyalsia and the aches and pains of menopause
  • Prevents and reverses incontinence
  • Cuts down exercise time
  • Can shake your martini while exercising
  • Relieves stress and makes you laugh

Skeptical? So Were We

We were skeptical but then again, we never thought that the waist-slimming whole body vibration machines of the 1950s were more than a giggle. We thought about buying several machines to try them out but we would have had to spend a lot of money to try six of them!  So Cat said she was willing to try one out at a local gym.  She tried the Power Plate.

Shake It Up Baby Now!

“On the day that I tried it, they first asked me if I had anything loose on my body like dentures or prosthetics (like maybe my arm might fall off!!!). This thing looks like an old fashioned floor waxer, with a platform you stand on with handles you can hold, only it doesn’t go anywhere.

An Hour of Exercise in 10 Minutes

“For the first few minutes I struggled to keep my balance and stop laughing but when I became used to the intense vibrations I started doing some real exercises like squats and stretches.  My body worked harder thanks to those vibrations.  In 20 minutes, I realized I gggggggot a ggggggood ddddddeal on my workout because I didn’t have to spend a whole hour in the gym.”

A Few Warnings

There are a few warnings. Don’t use the machine more than 30 minutes a day. Don’t use this machine if you are pregnant. It might shake your brain and cause damage, but I don’t see anyone on the internet who has had this problem.

Let Us Know What You Think Please

Have you used one of these? Let us know what your experience has been with them, that is if you can stop vibrating long enough!

The Power Plate location finder shows where you can find a place near you to give it a try yourself.