A List of Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Symptoms – From Peri to Post Menopause

If you read our post What is Menopause, Exactly, you’ll know that when we talk about menopause symptoms on our website, we are talking about the entire menopausal process that includes perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. The process can normally start as early as age 35 and go on into your 50s.

Every Woman has a Unique Menopause 

You can list all the symptoms and try to separate them into the different stages of menopause, but they all overlap and boil down to this fact:

You are dealing with unpredictable, fluctuating and dropping hormones which create menopausal symptoms. Each woman experiences a particular symptom in a different way and at a different time in the menopausal process depending on her own unique body and chemical make-up.

No two women have the same menopause experience. Every woman has to go through a personal process of discovery to find solutions that work best for her.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Unless your Mother’s natural process was altered by surgery, medication, ill-health, HRT, or any other influencing factor, often, but not always, you can predict what symptoms you will experience based on how your mother experienced her menopause.

Common,  Uncommon and Psychological Symptoms Of Menopause

Below are lists of lots of symptoms. The first list includes common menopause symptoms that you probably already know about. Next are the more uncommon symptoms that we’re finding out about from readers, friends and research. The third, not often discussed, lists the psychological and emotional symptoms of menopause.

The Latest Information, Products and Solutions For Each Menopausal Symptom

Over time, we’ll write about each of these symptoms. We will find you all the latest research, information and resources and all the best remedies, solutions, and products we can to help relieve your menopause symptoms.

A List of Common Menopause Symptoms

 Less Common Menopause Symptoms

  • Becoming allergic to things you were never allergic to before
  • More sensitivity to chemicals and scents
  • More frequent herpes outbreaks
  • Shingles outbreaks (there is a vaccine against shingles)
  • Highly sensitive skin
  • Toes hurt when touching each other
  • Blisters on the scalp after a hot flash
  • Can’t sing like you used to

A List of Psychological and Emotional Menopause Symptoms

  • Volatile, unusually emotional
  • Panic and anxiety attacks
  • Impulsive actions
  • One’s life feels out of control
  • No longer able to compromise
  • A sudden intolerance to stupidity
  • Inability to say yes when you really mean no
  • Self-satisfaction and self-acceptance, finally
  • No longer afraid to be your true self
  • Consider yourself first, once in a while, rather than always last
  • You take the big piece and give the smaller one to your husband

We’ll Continue To Add To The List

When we hear of a new symptom, we’ll add it to this list. And here is a fun article called ‘Menopause Symptoms: Women Report Strange Sensations Beyond The Common Signs’ from the Huffington Post.

Menopause Symptom We Missed? Please Let us Know

If you have any other weird symptoms or notice a symptom we may have forgotten, either physical or emotional, please tell us about them below so we can add them onto our list. I’m sure I’m not the only one with sensitive toes. What is your weirdest menopause symptom?