Your Sex Drive After Menopause

My Sex Drive Just Drove Off Without Me

Harley DavidsonSo what’s the deal? Just when you are freed from the worry of pregnancy, just when sex could be experienced on a whole other level, just when your kids leave home and you have some privacy, screeeeetch…… lose your sex drive. What happened to the vroom, vroom, vroom?

A Brand New Harley vs. An Old Edsel

Along this metaphorical highway, some women, after menopause, feel like they just bought a brand new motorcycle. With the wind blowing through their hair like Easy Riders, they experience sexual freedom like never before. Others, have an empty gas tank and a couple of flat tires. The mystery is that you just never know which direction you’ll take until you stop at the Menopause Roadstop.

Why Sex Feels Like an Old Clunker

empty_gauge2When your testosterone levels drop, so does your libido.  It’s like watching the gas indicator in your car read, “empty.” According to The Mayo Clinic, “women may also experience a decrease in the hormone testosterone, which boosts sex drive in men and women alike.” Although many women continue to have satisfying sex during menopause and beyond, some women experience a lagging libido during this hormonal change.

That Old Clunker Needs an Oil Change

Aloe CadabraOvaries produce estrogen that maintains and moisturizes the walls of the vagina. Think how those car engines work — pistons and oil! During menopause the ovaries produce less estrogen which results in thinning vaginal walls and a decrease of lubrication. These changes are called vaginal atrophy. And just like the ability to blow your engine if you don’t add oil, sex can be very painful without lubrication. Not exactly creating more incentive to have sex. But come right into the gas station.  We’ve got a few products that will help.

Maybe You Have an Oil Leak

Incontinence, another common symptom of menopause, can be embarrassing, further complicating the issue. If you have that drip, drip, drip feeling, or a major loss when you blow your horn, this is definitely not going to make you feel like having sex.
There are a few things you can pick up at the gas station:

Just Feel Like Closing the Garage Door?

If you are tired all the time from insomnia, hot flashes, and night sweats which keep waking us up all night you certainly won’t be in the mood. So when love is in the air, your head is on your pillow, catching up on sleep, or in keeping the metaphor alive, your car is in the garage with the engine off.

Welcome to the Menopause Roadside Garage

We are your trusted mechanics! Don’t ride that clunker — go out and get a Harley, or at least a comfortable sedan. There are lots of things on your repair list that have easy fixes.  So go out and ride that highway!


PS Here’s a good article from USA Today by Kim Painter about a new drug for the problem of painful sex after menopause….it increases hot flashes.